Yen Dung # x3A; Completed 200 biogas digesters

: Friday - 14/10/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1165
According to the LCASP project in Bac Giang Province, from early 2016 up to now, Yen Dung district has 200 households registered to build 200 biogas gas.

More and more households choose to build biogas reactors.

Yen Lu District, Xuan Phu Commune, Tan Lieu District have the most registered households. Through actual inspection, the entire tunnel was completed. Most of the tunnels are built in the KT1 form.

Of these, 80 households have completed the tunnel support procedures from the project (VND3 million / small tunnel support). 80 tunnels were checked for acceptance and the remaining 40 tunnels were built. According to local LCASP project staff, more than 80 households registered to build new biogas reactors, which will be implemented in early 2017.

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