The Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project in Ha Tinh Province reviewed in 2016, implementing the 2017 plan

: Monday - 08/05/2017 00:21  |  Viewed: 1173
Recently, the Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project in Ha Tinh province reviewed the results of activities in 2016 and implemented the plan of operation in 2017.

In 2016, with the close attention and direction of the Central Project Management Board, the provincial People's Committee and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the project has achieved and exceeded the set objectives, namely: Installed 1,696 small-scale biogas plants, four medium-sized ones, bringing the total number of small-scale biogas plants from the beginning of the project to 4,444 (exceeding the original year plan of 1,200 biogas plants by 40% and reaching 78 % Overall plan of 5,700 works). Organize 12 training courses on the application of low-carbon agricultural production to nearly 500 extension workers, key farmers ... in which female students make up more than 50%. Continue to organize 40 training courses on technical construction, operation of biogas works for livestock owners and farms; The total number of participants is 1,821 households that have registered to build biogas works, of which 897 women, accounting for 49%.
Also in 2016, the project management board actively carried out propaganda activities as well as the benefits and benefits brought from the project to the people: The project has signed broadcasting contracts with 85 communes Towns, Towns, build and produce 262 message boards propaganda about the project attached at the headquarters of the People's Committee of communes, wards. At the same time, the project management board also actively promotes the application of low-carbon agricultural production with many broadcasts on provincial television.

Along with Biodiversity Value Chain Activities, the PMB continues to implement Component 3 activities on the development of low carbon agricultural production models. Under the guidance of the CPMU, Ha Tinh PPMU has deployed, implemented the steps of selecting households and locations to participate in the demonstration of CSAWMP publicity and transparency. The results have been selected by 03 registered farmer / owner and basically meet the criteria of the project; The PPMU and LIC consultants have detailed designs for each model, location selected; Is organizing a bidding process to select technology and equipment to support the model.

Within the framework of the conference, the PMU has disseminated the task plan for 2017. Accordingly, in 2017, the PMU expects to complete the construction and installation of small biogas plants (5700 According to the overall plan); Complete training on low-carbon agricultural production for extension workers and farmers. At the same time, training on construction techniques, installation and operation for farmers who need construction and installation in the year. Continue to coordinate with the Central Project Management Board to implement low carbon agriculture production models for selected households.
                                                                                                                                                                   Ha Tinh LCASP
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