The house has a biogas tunnel

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Up to now, Hai Phong commune, Hai Hau district (Nam Dinh province) has built and installed about 300 biogas plants. Many 7 pigs also build biogas tanks

Hai Hau is a new rural district (NTM) of Nam Dinh province. However, the protection of the environment is facing considerable pressures, especially the increase in the scale of local livestock, typically pig production.

According to Tran Van Nam, Vice Chairman and Head of the Agriculture Division of Hai Phong Commune, there are about 1,000 small scale livestock households in the Commune Commune Commune. The method of livestock farming is backward, mainly utilizing the food available on the spot.

Previously, the cage design of the cages was very simple (part of the background, part of the storage compartment). At the waste disposal pit, they pour straw, husk. When the manure is full, the owner takes out and fertilizes the field. But now, people do not use farmyard manure. The problem of waste disposal is excessively difficult to solve.

Over the past few years, especially in 2011, the National Targeted Program on NTMs has been implemented, Hai Hau District in general and Hai Phong Commune in particular have focused on implementation of the criteria in Environmental Criteria 17 (Including the environment, the environment in the community and the environment in livestock).

Particularly with the breeding environment, in fact a part of people have invested in the construction of brick biogas, but not much. The reason is that since the income from small sheds is not really big, it is not easy to allocate about 10 million VND / biogas plant.

"Since 2013, when the LCASP project was launched in Nam Dinh province, the project staffs have organized training courses in each district, the heads of the commune agriculture committees, and the commune veterinary staff. I have integrated the dissemination of the project in the meetings of the people's committees and villages and the commune radio station has also continuously propagated the benefits that the farmers enjoy when participating in the project. But luckily, all construction works are very well run, cheap and bring about good environmental treatment efficiency, "Nam said.

According to Nam, this is the first time there is a project to support people building biogas tunnel up to 3 million per project. Therefore, many relatives take advantage of the privileges of the state. So far, the commune has built and installed about 300 biogas plants. Many 7 pigs also build biogas tanks.
Previously, the pigsty of Vu Thi Hop's family (6C hamlet, Hai Phong commune) was built in a low-grade model. Low-lying areas make fertilizer holes. But, because of the heavy odor, she was the first person to register for a composite biogas reactor. Since then, the stables have been kept clean and almost odorless. Pig less disease and grow faster. Wastewater after being treated with biogas is pumped by her, irrigated by a clean vegetable garden and her family's 64 mustard plants are green. The gas stove, using liquefied gas in the kitchen almost no use, because the cooking has gas stove from the biogas reactor. Many people around to visit, see the effect should have jointly registered to participate in the LCASP project.

Nguyen Vu De (60 years old) also had a headache because of the waste treatment of 7 sows and more than 10 porkers. About every two months, the hole filled the manure. Early in the morning, some seniors in the neighborhood went to the gymnasium to meet their winds. Continuing, the village spirit will crack. But, these worries are no longer there, because after 3 years of installation of biogas tunnel, this works very effectively waste livestock.

Mr. De said that gas from a tunnel with a capacity of 7m3 is enough to cook two pots of porcine military stuff and cook food every day. It turns out, every month his family saved at least 300,000 VND. His daughter (Nguyen Thi Mo) also builds biogas tunnels, larger capacity to take advantage of gas alcohol.

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