Slamming for the US Tu

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Over the past few years, My Tu district (Soc Trang) has many farmers developing dairy farming

Farmers raising cattle in Soc Trang assert that the biogas plant is beneficial

The Soc Trang Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project (LCASP) has supported the investment in the installation of biogas digester for practical effect. In Thuan Hung Commune, one of the communes with many households using the LCASP support, most of the farmers acknowledged that biogas not only improves and enhances the livelihood of the household but also contributes to the improvement and maintenance. To protect the environment, to build NTM commune. The biogas loan program was implemented by My Tu district with the purpose of helping households treat livestock waste and save production cost. From the initial model has become an integral part of livestock activities of the people.

Mr. Tran Lieu in Ta An B hamlet, Thuan Hung commune raising a dairy cow and 8 pigs. Every day the amount of waste from livestock is quite large, so the disposal of waste and stench is always a problem for his family. Mr. Lieu said: "In the difficult times, my family was lucky, registered bank loans 12 million to build biogas tunnel. I'm so happy ... ".

Mrs Truong Thi My Khanh said: "In the past, only large-scale producers were thinking about biogas production, but most households now know that large households Or small biogas tunnel. The benefits are clearly seen as cost savings and environmental assurance. My house is raising 4 dairy cows, when I am disbursed by the bank, I will build a biogas reactor. "

Quoc Dung, from Bo Lien village, Thuan Hung commune, said: "The main source of income for the family is from 6 dairy cows. It has to pour into the small canal behind the house, do not guarantee environmental sanitation.When borrowing 12 million dong from the bank and 3 million dongs from LCASP, he built a biogas reactor. After 3 months of use, I found that there are many benefits, both to help reduce the stench and to have gas for cooking.

According to the People's Committee of Thuan Hung Commune, thanks to the LCASP project, the cows of the commune have developed more than 1,400 cows, including 1,200 dairy cows. On average, each dairy cow earns an income of VND 100,000 per day. However, the majority of small scale livestock households, the management and treatment of waste is difficult. Therefore, the commune regularly propagates and mobilizes livestock in the direction of biosafety.


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