Report on the implementation of the second quarter and the third quarter implementation plan of the Low Carbon Agricultural Production Support Fund

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Following the guidance of the ADB Donor and the Central Management Board of the Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project, the Project Management Unit (PMU) of Soc Trang Province reported the results of the second quarter implementation and the implementation plan. The third quarter project is as follows:


1. Organization:
2. Professional career:

A. Component 1: Livestock waste management

Sub-component 1.1. Comprehensive management of animal waste and development of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Sub-component 1.2. Support the development of biogas works
- Construction of small-scale biogas works: 435 works compared to the plan in 2015 with 1200 works, reaching 36.25% of the year plan.
- Medium and large biogas plants: there is no standard of Central Project Management Board and training of technicians and contractors, so it is not implemented yet.

B. Component 2 (Activities coordinated with the Agriculture Bank and the Cooperative Bank in implementing credit loans:

The PMU has instructed localities to coordinate with financial institutions to implement:
- Branches of Agriculture and Rural Development Bank in districts have not implemented package of credit to people;
- The cooperative bank has not received the policy of the Bank for Cooperative Development

C. Component 3 (Low-carbon technology transfer.
- The PMU has registered seven models of low-carbon production to be sent to the CPMU.
- Coordinate and support the CPMU in surveying the value chain of biogas in Soc Trang province

3. Provincial counterpart fund, expected to be disbursed in 2015

Say right



Disbursement results


Component 1

 Management of animal waste




HP 3

Low carbon technology transfer




Primary HP 3.1

Promoting low carbon technology applications




Component 4

Project management




Personal payment




Daily cost





Component 4: Project Management Expenditure
- Salary and allowances for the PPMUs: 115,000,000 VND
- Operational cost for PPMUs: VND 56,000,000.

II. RESULTS DISCUSSION: total, of which ADB, GoV


A. Component 1: Livestock waste management

Sub-component 1.1. Comprehensive management of animal waste and development of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
- To broaden information and propaganda activities to people by means of radio and television, Soc Trang, brochures, poster ...
- Organize training courses for potential and untrained households to achieve planned targets.

Sub-component 1.2. Support the development of biogas works
- Construction of small-scale biogas plant: 765 works.
- Inspection and acceptance of small-scale biogas plants: 765 works.


Province / district / commune

Plan 2015

Number of biogas works in 6 months

Number of biogas works until the end of 2015



Soc Trang Province





C. Component 3 (Low-carbon technology transfer.
- Organized 01 national study tour on comprehensive management of animal waste.


4.1. Advantage:

- The close attention of the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (the Investor) and the Central Project Management Board in guiding the timely support to remove difficulties of the Provincial Project.

- Local authorities are enthusiastic in supporting and facilitating KTV's activities well.
- The provincial project took advantage of the coordination and connection of loans from the social policy bank of some localities to support clean water environment for construction / installation of biogas plants in Thanh Tri district and My Tu district. .

4.2. Difficult:

The province has more than 30% of the Khmer ethnic minority majority; The new project was implemented in the early years so information about the project has not been approached by many people
- The prices of livestock products are insecure; most rural people lack capital for production. Therefore, the treatment of the environment they consider is not urgent. Therefore, there is not much attention to environmental treatment.
- The farmer really needs but due to lack of capital investment in construction of biogas works.
- The support of the project accounts for a small proportion of the investment capital of the people.
- Financial institutions are slow to deploy credit packages for biogas value chains or have deployed but forcing borrowers to mortgage their assets so it is difficult to access loans.
- At the beginning of the year, the project was operating relatively well. However, by November 2014 the pace of project activity slowed; Farmers are expected to implement the high level of support for implementation of Decision 50/2014 / QD-TTg.
- The installation teams of the companies participating in the project are late, sometimes not properly implementing the agreement with the households; When bias occurs, technical problems are slow to be processed.

4.3. solution:

- Coordinate with local authorities, departments, mass organizations, trainings, transfer of science and technology of veterinary drug companies, animal feeds ... in propaganda and mobilizing people to participate. Together with the project, contributing to sustainable livestock development and environmental protection.
- Coordination with companies involved in the installation of biogas plants, the authorities of the new rural communes ... to build demonstration sites for people to visit in remote areas and difficult areas.
- Coordinate with the Veterinary and Agricultural Extension Department to direct the staffing system to the households in order to mobilize and propagate so people can see the meaning of the management of animal waste.
- Promote propaganda through radio, television, flyers, brochures ... to help people fully aware of the benefits of biogas plants.

4.4. Request:

- The MOCU considers the coordination and integration of the LCASP project with the new rural steering committee of the Ministry to accelerate the progress of the project in rural communes to meet the criteria of 17.1
- The PMU considered the design of communication materials (Pano, CD ...) to increase effectiveness of communication to households.
- The Central Project Management Board (MPI) has urged financial institutions to early implement the HP2 credit for specific biogas credits and clear procedures and forms of borrowing for people to access the project's funding.
- Support Soc Trang province to develop a pilot model of low-carbon agricultural production technology in line with the advantages and conditions of local production.
- The PPMU will consider providing equipment for the environmental monitoring of the province as proposed.
- The Central Project Management Board is urgently promoting component 2 so that people do not have enough capital but need to access capital to develop biogas value chains.
- The Central Project Management Board conducts training courses on livestock waste management for medium and large scale biogas plants.

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