Report on the implementation of the Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project in 2015 Action Plan 2016

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Follow the guidance of the ADB Donor and the Central Project Management Board of the Low Carbon Agriculture Project. Lao Cai LCASP Project Management Unit reports the results of the project implementation in 2015 and the Work Plan 2016 as follows:


Total capital: 13,431,942,000 VND

Of which: - ADB loan: 12,941,185,000 VND
- The counterpart fund of the province: 490,757,000 VND

1. Component 1: Livestock waste management

A) Sub-component 1.1: Comprehensive management of animal wastes and CDM

- Coordinate with the provincial radio and television station, Green Environment Company to carry out 03 reports, broadcast in the news and radio program of Lao Cai Radio and Television Station;
- Workshop, propaganda and guidance for farmers on the management of animal waste and benefits of biogas plant. Coordinating with the Farmers' Association, Women's Union of the province held 14 propaganda workshops in districts with 549 participants;
- Distributing 302 propaganda posters to 8 of 9 districts and cities;
- Organize 25 training courses for biogas plants for 800 households to build / install biogas plants in 8 districts / cities;

B) Subcomponent 1.2. Support the development of biogas works
- Coordinate with the Women's Union and the Provincial Farmers Association to deploy the construction / installation of biogas plants in the districts;
- Inspecting and monitoring the existing biogas plant to ensure the environment.

* Progress of construction / installation; Acceptance and disbursement

- In 2015, the province has built / installed 651 biogas plants, reaching 65.1% of the year plan. Up to now, the whole province has built and installed 1,296 works, reaching 48% of the target (2700 works). There were 900 biogas plants in 8 districts / cities, which met the requirements of the beneficiary's obligations to the project;
Carry out a survey on the number of biogas digester and identify the potential households for biogas plant construction in the province.

2. Component 2. Activities coordinated with the Bank of Agriculture and the Cooperative Bank in the implementation of credit loans

Implement Document No. 849 / DANN-LCASP dated 14 May 2015 of the Central Administrative Commission of the LCASP Project on the implementation of component 2, credit for the biogas value chain under the Agricultural Support Project Low carbon. Lao Cai Provincial Agricultural Extension Project Management Board has coordinated with the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Social Policy Bank of the province to propagate to communes, wards and villages. To build a biogas plant with a loan demand and guide the borrowing procedures. To sum up the number of completed construction works and complete the items transferred to the Bank's branches for appraisal and clearance dress. Up to now, 124 households have been given loans to build and install biogas tanks, biogas digesters, environmental packages, etc. from the Agriculture and Rural Development Bank of Lao Cai province. Total loan amount: 2,134,000,000 VND.

3. Component 3. Transfer of low-carbon agricultural production technology

The PPMU held a workshop to identify the need for the construction and selection of a demonstration farm animal husbandry management model for agricultural production and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; Develop a detailed explanation and synthesis of 08 low carbon agriculture models, submit to the Central PMU, prepare documents for protection before the Evaluation Council, ADB donors.

- Organized 09 training courses / 9 districts / cities for 310 key farmers on technologies suitable for low carbon agricultural production. The content focused on guiding people to compost organic compost and raise worms. Through the study of theory and practice, most students confirmed that when returning home, the locality will implement the technology process.

4. Component 4. Project management expenditure
- Salary and allowances for the project management board.
- Operating expenses for the project management board.
5. Disbursement results
- Total amount: 4,217,488,704 VND.

+ ADB: VND 3,734,867,456.
+ GoV: 482,621,248 dong.

6. Other work
- Participation in workshops, workshops organized by the CPPMU.

1. Advantages

- The attention, close guidance of the Central Project Management Board, Lao Cai Provincial People's Committee in the orientation of the key contents and activities of the project to support low carbon agriculture in 2015.
- There is close coordination between the Bank: Agriculture and Rural Development; Social Policy Bank; Farmer Association; The Women's Union and some economic / agricultural divisions of the districts / cities in the implementation of the project.
- There are many large and medium sized livestock households in the districts and cities, with the potential to propagate and mobilize to participate in the project.

2. Difficulties, obstacles

* Objective:

- Lao Cai is a mountainous province with large population density and poor transportation. Therefore, it also affects the implementation and implementation of the project.
- The level of education is uneven, economic conditions are difficult, some upland households do not pay much attention to animal waste, crop residues, environmental pollution.
- A number of central funding programs and policies on support for construction and installation of other biogas tanks with high support levels, simpler procedures than the project ... causing psychological selection, waiting People need to build biogas tanks.
- Non-project enterprises have been selling goods in Lao Cai province, competing fiercely and grabbing the market with the enterprises in the project.

* Subjective:

- Some KTV do not really pay attention and invest time, documents slow finishing, many errors ... leading to slow disbursement.
- Consultancy for local people is still limited, some KTV have not actively cooperated with the branches of the Bank Agriculture and Rural Development district, supply companies, leading to late completion of loan applications, No loan can be disbursed. The supply company has no basis to carry out construction / installation works.

- Suppliers:

+ Thanh Loc Company: After a period of implementation, due to difficulties and changes in business policy, Thanh Loc company stopped the construction and installation activities in Lao Cai province. Leads to empty market.
+ Quang Huy Company (Agent Agriviet): A new unit to participate in the project, lack of experience when deploying to the people. As a matter of fact, due to the large demand for loans and slow disbursement of the Bank, the installation progress has been significantly affected.
+ Green Environment Company (Thuy Nguyen Dealer): Due to the large installed capacity of the people, lack of human resources leads to slow progress in construction, maintenance and maintenance work. Customer care after installation is limited. On the other hand, in 2015, Green Environment Company focuses on propaganda and offering products of recycled plastic tank 16 pieces (black tank). Utilizing propaganda channels promoted by the PPMU to help attract a large number of people to buy, dramatically reduce the speed and number of installed composite works compared to 2014.


1. Organizational work
PPMUs maintain the number of members, properly assigning tasks. Coordinate smoothly, synchronously in the implementation of components of the project.

2. Implementation of Component 1
- Continuing propaganda on the mass media in various forms such as writing news, post Lao Cai Newspaper, broadcasting on the loudspeaker system of communes, wards and towns.
- Open commune communication workshops, printing documents, leaflets. Enhanced access to people. Information to the people about the role of the parties in the implementation of the project.
- Construction / installation of new 700 biogas plants.
- Training: 40 classes per 1,000 trainees on safe livestock waste management, operation and maintenance of biogas plant for farmers participating in the project.

- Acceptance, disbursement:
+ Quarterly acceptance and disbursement for 80 - 90% of new construction / installation works.
+ Planning to inspect and supervise the operating biogas plants and environmental package items of the projects that have been constructed / installed in 2015, the minimum inspection quantity is 10%;

3. Implementation of Component 2

Based on the needs of the people, the Provincial Project Management Board and the Agriculture and Rural Development Bank at all levels continue to provide loans and support people to build / install biogas plants.

4. Implementation of Component 3

PPMUs and provincial consultants jointly plan and implement demonstrations. At the same time, continue training for extension workers and key farmers on technologies for low carbon agricultural production.


1. Loans

Recommendations Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development, Social Policy:

- The Provincial Agriculture Bank: Directes in the vertical, guiding and supporting the involved parties to implement directly at the grassroots.

- Branches of the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development at district level: Guide people for lending procedures, interest rates. Create favorable conditions in terms of time and people (credit appraisers ...) in close coordination with KTV - Company supply and quickly complete the procedures for people to borrow capital for public construction. Biogas program.

- Bank for Social Policies: To continue coordinating the loans for water supply and environmental sanitation, integrating them to support people building biogas plants, implementing the project objectives.

2. Supply / installation companies:

- Cooperate closely with the Bank, KTV during the survey of households registration, support people to borrow procedures when the need arises.

- Strengthening human resources in the construction and installation of biogas plants to ensure the schedule, time and instructions for implementation of the environmental package right after construction. Caring after the customer after the sale as committed;

- Weekly, monthly reports on the PPMUs, including: Total number and list of household information participating in the project (Sample).

3. Technician work

- The technician understands the regulations of the project, coordinates well among the stakeholders and ensures timely benefits for the people.

- Improve the role of inspection, monitoring and evaluation of specific activities of the project: (Track list of registration, construction, check acceptance of works, quality of tanks, Environmental package ...)

- Planning, reporting directly to the professional level of professional work of the project (check schedule, check the works, issues arising in local management ...)

- Statistics on registration of construction and installation of biogas plants; Consolidate, report data on PPMUs on 15th and 30th of each month and report unexpectedly at the request of the PPMU.

- Improve the capacity, responsibility, referring to experience from other technicians. Complete the workload, hand over the file to the PPMU on schedule. To carry out pre-acceptance test as soon as the households install, complete the environmental package and biogas works to meet the requirements.

4. Units, organizations, associations and organizations

4.1. Farmer Association, Provincial Women's Union

- Statistics of the registration of construction, installation, transfer to the PPMU, the company supply for timely implementation.

- District and commune clues: They are active propagandists who understand the project regulations on tank tunnels, mason / standard suppliers, benefits of using biogas. Study ... to consult initially for the people. When there are problems affecting the project (the company in the free market advises people to install poor quality tanks ...) notify the association or directly to the PPMU.

- District Farmers' Association creates favorable conditions for technicians to check and accept works. Complete the procedures to disburse.

4.2. Department of Agriculture / Economics, Veterinary Stations of the Districts / Cities:

- Advising the district People's Committee to promulgate documents to direct the communes to speed up the project;

- Create favorable conditions for technicians to take inspection and acceptance of works. Complete the procedures to disburse.

4.3. Provincial PMU: Continue to strengthen inspection and timely information, remove new difficulties and problems arising, ask for guidance from the Central PMU to ensure progress, accomplish the target year 2016.

Annex 1: A summary of the results of the visit, workshop and training on comprehensive management of animal waste in 2015


Say right

Number of

Days (day / class)

Number of participant

T. Number








Training farmers on safe livestock waste management and biogas plant operation








Commune communication workshop on livestock waste management
















Appendix 2: Results of construction / installation of biogas plant in 2015



Say right

Number of households registered for construction / installation works

Number of constructed / installed works

Scale works

Accumulate implementation





























Annex 3: Summary table of workshop results, training on low-carbon agricultural production technology in 2015


Say right

Number (classes / classes)

Number of days (/ session / class)

Number of participant

T. Number








Technologies suitable for low carbon agricultural production (THP 3.2)

















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