Lao Cai breakthrough

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From early 2013 to now, the Low Carbon Agriculture Assistance Project (LCASP) in Lao Cai province has been implemented in all districts and cities. Many localities exceeded the plan.

People are excited to register for biogas plant construction

Typically Bao Thang, Bao Yen and Muong Khuong districts. Particularly in Bao Yen district, by the end of September 2015, 127 biogas plants were built, reaching 84.67% of the yearly plan. According to Lao Cai LCASP Management Board, in 2014, the province has built 645 biogas plants. In 2015, it plans to build 1,000 new biogas tanks in 9 districts. Ms. Dinh Thi Xuan, project planning officer, said that on September 24, 2015, 473 installations were installed, bringing the total number of biogas tanks of the project to 1,118. Particularly in Q3 2015, 207 installations have been installed. From now to the end of the year, strive to install 527 new works, fulfilling the plan.

According to Xuan, Lao Cai is a border province, with many economic difficulties and sparse population density. Farmers are still mainly raising livestock in the traditional manner and awareness is limited, so the implementation of the project is difficult. To overcome difficulties, Lao Cai LCASP Project Management Board has promoted the propaganda to each commune for people to know. In 2015, this unit organized 10 training courses on safe waste management and biogas plant protection in many districts such as Muong Khuong, Bao Yen, Bao Thang, Bat Xat, Van Ban and TP. Lao Cai for 277 trainees who have installed the project.

Thereby, people have more access to the breeding techniques as well as the construction of biogas works safer, more economical. According to Xuan, this unit also regularly coordinates with the provincial press agencies, making full use of the broadcasting system, disseminating to the people in the form of "long gullies". In addition, the project has received the strong support from the Farmers' Association and the Lao Cai Women's Union. These two units are both involved in propaganda, as well as a focal point to connect their members closer to the project. Progress in the district is relatively fast. However, overall progress of the whole project is somewhat slowed down. Ms. Xuan said, due to extreme weather, heavy rain, no small impact on the transportation of equipment, construction, installation works

On the other hand, the units involved in supplying and installing for projects such as Green Environment Company, Agriviet Company have some delayed progress. Typically, the Green Environment Company has joined the project to install two types of composite and ABS plastic tanks in parallel. In particular, the tank made of recycled ABS plastic is not part of the project. A part of the company's installers have not instructed people to build auxiliary items, not inform the technician to monitor when installed.

Therefore, the works can not accept acceptance, slow disbursement progress. One of the shortcomings of the LCASP project in Lao Cai is currently the issue of loans. The reason is that bank credit officials have not clearly explained the level of borrowing, interest rates, people, leading to many difficulties when deploying. In order to solve this problem, the Lao Cai Project Management Board has proposed that the bank actively participate in the project, creating favorable conditions in coordination with the installation company and technician to quickly complete the loan procedures, Accelerate disbursement. On the side of the company supplying installation, it is necessary to coordinate more closely with the bank, support people to borrow procedures. Weekly, report number and list of participating households on PPMU.

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