Hiep Hoa - People benefit from the LCASP project

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Along with many households in Bac Giang province who are benefiting from the Low Carbon Agriculture Assistance Project (LCASP), more than 800 households in Hiep Hoa district are happy with the benefits and The benefits that the project and biogas biogas bring.

Many households in Hiep Hoa district build biogas reactors in KT2 style

In early 2016, under the guidance and guidance of the Hiep Hoa District Agricultural Division and the LCASP project technician, Mr. Van Huu Thu's family, Khuc Banh Village, Thuong Thang Commune, Hiep Hoa District, Studying biogas capacity of 25m³, total cost of nearly 20 million (in which his family is supported 3 million from the project). Since its inception, the family has achieved remarkable results.

"Building a biogas reactor under the provincial LCASP project, my family found this to be the right choice. Since the use of gas, the cost in the family decreased much because the time to pig production decreased but in the cage is always clean, active source of fuel in living, especially do not pollute the environment. This is the motivation for my family to develop better husbandry, "Thu said.

The LCASP technician in Hiep Hoa district actively checks and advises the farmers on the safe and efficient use of biogas.

With the family of Mr. Ta Xuan Huynh, Dai Dong 1 village, Danh Thang commune, Hiep Hoa district, are also benefiting from the LCASP project. From 2014, when entering the project, his family is supported 3 million, in addition to bank loans 50 million with low interest rates to develop livestock. His family has moved from small to large scale pig breeding (about 200), is now one of the major livestock producers in the commune. Previously, Huynh had to spend more than 1 million dong a month to buy gas, but now he does not have to spend money on fuel.

Mr. Huynh is happy to share: "The LCASP project has benefited our people a lot. Since the construction of biogas and supported, loans, my family works better, livestock is very convenient. In particular, neighbors do not have to complain about environmental pollution anymore. "

In Hiep Hoa district, more than 800 households are benefiting from the project. Among them, many households borrowed capital from banks for investment in livestock development from 20-50 million VND. The construction of biogas pits help people's life is markedly improved, the problem of environmental pollution decreased sharply; Many households have saved millions of dollars in the cost of purchasing fuel and fertilizers; Some households also improve lighting, running hot and cold ...
Evaluation on the implementation of the LCASP project in Hiep Hoa district over the past years, Do Ha Giang, technician of LCASP project in Hiep Hoa district, said: "Model of biogas plant construction in the area The district agreed with the people, very high response. It can be said that the project has been contributing to improve the quality of life of many households, raising the livestock industry in Hiep Hoa district increasingly.

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