Get rich from breeding

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Boldly investing in large scale livestock breeding, up to now, many households in the province have a stable income and strive to become rich, becoming an address for households in the region to visit and learn experience. Typically, Mr. Hoang Van Dien's household is in Zone 4, Van Lung commune, Phu Tho town; Le Thi Kim Oanh from An Tho 1 village, Xuan An commune, Yen Lap district; Mr. Dao's household

After getting married, Hoang Van Dien always thought of what he needed to do and how to do it in his homeland so that he could have a stable job, develop his family economy and raise his children. . With industrious virtues, eager to learn about animal husbandry and thanks to the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State on the development of farm economy, livestock and poultry under planning, Dien was determined to develop breeding on 1ha of land.

In addition to participating in training courses on transferring scientific and technical applications on super pigs, chickens and ducks, he also actively investigated and modeled livestock producers in and outside the province. His family has boldly invest in ostrich breeding to meet the needs of the market. In 2002, he bought 5 breeding ostriches, after selling for a profit of 10 million dong a year. By 2015, he raised more than 40 ostriches, except for the cost of collecting 85 million. In addition, he also raised 6 breeding cows, 2,500 ducks, 3,000 chickens for the total income of 405 million.

Thanks to that, his family has stable jobs, high income. He also provides breeding animals, breeding guides, breeding facilities for other households for economic development. Not only doing good business, his family also obey the policies, guidelines and policies of the Party and the State, fully implement the local regulations, actively build cultural life in the area. residential; Help the poor, participate in the charity of the district and commune. In 2015, he was honored by the provincial Commission for People Mobilization and Commendation for commendation for outstanding achievements in the "Smart Communication" emulation movement in the 2011-2015 period.

Le Thi Kim Oanh, a farmer from An Tho 1 Village, Xuan An Commune, Yen Lap District, is a typical example. In economic development, get rich from the breeding model.

In the early years of business, due to lack of capital and lack of market demand as well as breeding techniques, her husbandry model is small, her family's economy still faces many difficulties. In 2010, she bravely borrowed brothers and friends and mobilized the family's capital to build a breeding system for breeding. In the first year, she invested 8 sows, then gradually increased to more than 20 children, after 2 years she actively prodded the breeding herd of commercial porkers, on average each litter she sold over 10 In the hog alone, in 2015, she sold more than 20 tons, after deducting the interest she collected nearly 250 million. Ms. Oanh said: "From the beginning of 2016, I sold tens of tons of hogs, except for the cost of interest 150 million. Next time, I will expand the barn to raise more sows. "

Not only doing good business, Oanh also invest in using Biogas cellar to treat waste, protect the environment; To actively support breeding animals, animal feeds and share experiences for farmer members. Mr. Dinh Van Cau - Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Xuan An Commune said: "Oanh's pig raising model is a model of raising livestock for high economic efficiency. , Replication so that the members of the chapters in the whole commune learn, follow. "

With the determination to enrich, improve the material and spiritual life of the family, Mr. Dao Ngoc Quy in Zone 2, Xuan Lung Commune, Lam Thao District has invested to develop livestock and achieve high economic efficiency. With a total area of ​​more than 700m2, he has spent over 300 million VND to invest in building a system of science breeding facilities with sow raising, pig raising, raising chickens, duck, bran and clean water tanks. Currently, his family raised 170 pigs, including 20 sows and over 150 meat pigs; 1,000 ducks and 1,000 chickens. Each year he sells about 40 tons of pigs, 16 tons of ducks, 4 tons of chicken, after deducting interest costs over 400 million. In addition, he also has 1.5ha pond to fish, each year harvest more than 14 tons of fish meat, contributing to raising income ...

Mr. Quy said: "In animal husbandry, I pay special attention to the work of hygiene and disease prevention for animals; Frequent concern, watching pigs, chickens, ducks through the diary to timely treat, treat or take appropriate measures when detecting abnormal signs. I look forward to continuing to receive the attention, support and facilitation of agencies, departments, local authorities ... especially the Xuan Lung transaction office of Agribank Lam Thao District Branch to family I continue to access loans, expand production, develop the economy.

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