Effective use of biogas in Sapa district, Lao Cai province

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Taking advantage of animal waste along with the Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project, more and more families in Lao Cai are investing in the construction of biogas. This way not only help people save gas costs but also handle the problem of animal waste does not affect the environment and life of people. Special Bearings

Mr. Nguyen Tien Cuong's family is one of the large scale pig households in Group 1, Sa Pa town. In the past, all the waste was dumped by the family before being used as fertilizer for the crop. Despite being carefully screened, this pit can not escape the stench, affecting neighbors and causing him repeated reminders. Through various channels, he knew of a project to support the construction of a biogas reactor so that he would know about a gas by utilizing waste from livestock. Two years ago, he decided to be a "pioneer" in the investment team of VND10.5 million (worth VND13.5 million, of which the Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project supported VND3 million) Biogas biogas digesters with composite materials, after consultation with the staff of Sa Pa Economic Department. Since the use of this biogas system, the pollution of the environment is thoroughly treated, his family saved the cost of fuel for daily activities. However, according to him, it is not the biggest benefit of this biogas plant. The source of waste from biogas tanks is used as fertilizer for 2 sao of the family. From the date of use of this fertilizer, productivity and output of artichoke is higher than that of organic fertilizers. At the same time, he helped save considerable money for fertilizer and pesticide investment as many other families.

In recent years, artichoke medicinal plants have become a major source of income for many households in Sapa and neighboring towns through a model of linkage between people and Traphaco Joint Stock Company . Accordingly, this unit will be responsible for consuming products for farmers through a contract signed. On the side of the people, must comply with the process of growing obligatory artisanal guarantees, including the commitment not to use fresh manure to fertilize the plant. Meanwhile, the cost of buying inorganic nitrogen from the market is not cheap. Therefore, the use of compost from biogas digesters is considered as a useful solution to help farmers find solutions in the fertilizer problem. Mr. Mai Hieu Hung - Group 1, Sa Pa Town said that by the end of 2014, the biogas project started to be deployed in Sa Pa district with the doubts of many people. According to the people here, the construction of biogas tanks will not be possible because it is difficult to fit in the cold climates throughout the year as in Sa Pa. However, with the advice and guidance of the staff of the economic department and the support of 3 million dong under the low carbon project, many families have also tried to invest. And so far, the efficiency of the biogas reactor is more than what the local people expect. According to Nguyen Tien Thanh, Head of Economic Division of Sa Pa district, up to now, there are 35 households using biogas. At present, many households have registered to install and the district's goal is to have more than 100 biogas tanks in 2016.

Thus, it can be seen that not only the lowland districts but also the harsh localities such as Sa Pa, the biogas biogas digester model still has a remarkable effect. The use of Biogas cellar has become more and more widespread, contributing to solving environmental sanitation, reducing gas and improving crop productivity, contributing to maintaining and promoting the Lao Cai animal husbandry industry. .

Some pictures of the activities of the Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project in Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province:

Organize commune-level communication workshops on livestock waste management

The provincial inspection team works at a biogas plant

Environmental items of biogas plants are built in accordance with the regulations to be accepted

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