Dropping the capital back home for pigs, the profit of billion

: Thursday - 15/09/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1346
That is the courageous decision of Tran Thi Thu Hang, a native Ha Tinh living, working stable in Hanoi capital.

Hang has a stable life at Hanoi Power Company for many years. However, in one visit to Huong Son district in March 2014, Ha Tinh province heard many policies to support and encourage the development of agricultural production associated with NTM construction, especially sow farming. Foreigners to provide commercial pigs for the people, she insists on trying in a completely new environment. The place where she chose to make aspirations was Con Mu, Tan Phong village, Ky Phong commune, Ky Anh district. After being promoted by the district and commune authorities to lease 4ha of land, she set up the Tran Thi Thu Hang Sow Cooperative in association with Mitraco Breeding Joint Stock Company (Ha Tinh Minerals and Trading Company). Billion land leveling, building two rows of cages and stocking the first phase of the project. In the form of linking companies supplying breeds, transferring technology, technology, product consumption ... initially she raised 400 gilts, 100% foreign blood. Because the breeding industry is so new to a woman working in the electricity industry ... so the selection of breeding animals, nursing care to consume her products have to learn both work and experience. After more than 3 years of establishment of the farm, things have gone well, cooperatives are growing and the peak time of the total sow herds and piglets of the farm is over 4,000. The cooperative has created stable jobs for nearly 10 local workers. Ms Hang said that on average, her farm provided tens of thousands of commercial pigs and products to the breeding groups in Ky Anh district, Ky Anh district, Cam Xuyen district. At the same time, sharing experiences, supporting communes to set up commercial pig production cooperatives, household economic development. "In this form of business, every year after deducting expenses I still have over 1 billion. Recently, I have also invested in building 2 more cages to raise the herd to 800 sows in order to ensure sufficient supply of breeds to farmers in other districts in the province, "said Tran Thi Thu Hang. . To share the experience of today's success, Hang said: "Pig farming should involve small and medium sized enterprises and households, and the bottom line is to ensure the harmony between If cooperative pig farmers are not profitable to give up, pig breeds can not be sold. The cost of transportation to the household, the farm often have pigs, with the weight from 7-10kg to meet the needs of farmers, so you trust partners long term cooperation.

The director of the co-operative also said that her ambition is not limited to raising sow. She plans to invest in planting more fruit trees and digging ponds for raising fish. Human and cooperative.

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