Construction of biogas plants. Why still the household is not salty yet

: Friday - 23/12/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1690
Biogas digesters bring practical effects in livestock. However, the fact remains that many households are not interested in applying this scientific and technical progress. Why?

Building biogas plants brings practical benefits but still the husbandry has not done yet.

In order to solve the problem of pollution caused by animal waste, scientists have introduced a model of biogas. However, in many places in Bac Giang province, many households have not yet started construction of biogas.

The family of Tran Thi T, Hoang Mai (Viet Yen) is an example. She said: "My family only has a few children, combined with cooking alcohol, so there is no need to build a stable." Waste of pigs daily polluted living environment but according to her, the family did not take it seriously because ... have been used.
According to Ngo Van Cuong, technical staff of the LCASP project in Viet Yen, although in recent years, the number of households building biogas plants is increasing but still many households are not salty but with the application of this progress. . Most of them are small, mixed farming households. In addition, there are also households that if building biogas gas tunnel have to renovate the whole system of breeding facilities, the investment amount is quite large so there is no conditions to proceed.
Therefore, in some places in the district, waste in livestock is not treated, uncontrolled discharge sewer. Whenever it rains, pig manure waste from the farm housing to the village line, very polluted.
Actually, each household built under LCASP project is supported 3 million VND / tunnel and can borrow from the bank. However, according to many people, the loans are not much. Meanwhile, to build a standard biogas tunnel over 10m3 farmers have to invest about 15-25 million. Moreover, in order to build a biogas tunnel, the farmer also has to change the whole system of auxiliary works from the toilet to the kitchen, the family's breeding area, also calculated to be about 50-70 million. It is difficult nowadays that not all families have conditions to implement.
According to experts, small and scattered farming practices are the reason leading to the difficult implementation of biogas. Therefore, it is necessary to re-plan livestock in the direction of concentrated scale, far from residential areas, complying with the biogas digesters. At the same time, the mechanism of borrowing and supporting people to follow this model should be more open to create conditions for farmers to apply advanced technologies to animal husbandry and ensure environmental safety.

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