Breeding pigs must have a biogas tank

: Tuesday - 22/12/2015 22:20  |  Viewed: 1222
That is sure to pin the column of Mr. Dang Huu Truong, a pig farmer in Minh Tien village, Tung Loc commune, Can Loc district (Ha Tinh)

Checking the quality of biogas tanks in Tung Loc

Mr. Truong confirmed that because he saw the benefits of installing biogas tanks in gas utilization, reducing environmental pollution to help develop sustainable livestock. Truong's farmhouse was built in 2014, on an area of ​​nearly 6 sao. The scale of the farm includes nearly 100 m2 of captivity, the rest are ponds and ponds and guardhouse, food area. With a small area, each litter, he also only raised about 80 meat pigs, 3 sows. "The size of the farm is small, but the amount of pig waste is very large, the stench stinks.

Although my family has more than 0.5 hectares of land but pig dung together with the excretion of five cows, then fertilizer for the field is not exhausted. In 2014 when I built the farm, I was supported by the LCASP project to build a 9 m 3 biogas tank. Thanks to this, the farm does not spread the smell of stench, villages in the neighborhood below no one to complain, reflect, gas enough to comfortably use for the whole family. In the near future, some homesteaders will invest their own gas pipelines to ask their families to share gas.

I affirm, want sustainable pig breeding, no other way to solve the problem of waste pollution. With the scale of small farms and livestock, raising pigs is the construction and installation of biogas tanks, "said Truong shared.

In fact, with the size of farming farms of Truong, 9 m3 of gas tank only run nearly 1/3 of the discharge volume every day. Therefore, in the morning, he and his wife also have to remove the number of manure, to compost to fertilize the plant. Compared with conventional biogas tanks, Truong also built a fourth basin before discharge into the pond. Therefore, the ponds provide enough fish food to ensure that the water is not contaminated.

Mr. Truong added: "Many people have asked me to build a gas tank, but I think that if I want to use gas as much as possible, I have to be really serious. At first, my family would make a canvas but heard that high cost should choose a composite tank suitable for the money, suitable for the size of the farm. This is only a temporary solution because the amount of compost is still exceeding the demand for fertilizer for the family. Upcoming, I will disperse the herd into two areas and build another biogas tank.

At that time, pig dung will be used up to the maximum, the increase in the size of the herd will no longer worry. With the construction of biogas tanks, in 2014, my family grows, with a total revenue of over VND600 million and a net profit of around 20%. " More than half of the farms in Tung Loc commune have been equipped with biogas tanks or biological pads in pig farming.


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