Binh Dinh - Biogas brings many benefits

: Tuesday - 29/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1356
According to the provincial agriculture, the provincial livestock sector has made significant progress, contributing to the development of the province's economy. However, animal waste discharged into the environment causes serious damage to land, water and air; Affects public health in rural areas.

Within the framework of the Low Carbon Agriculture Support Project, Binh Dinh Province has been supporting local people to build biogas digester to solve livestock waste, reduce environmental pollution, Sustainable farming.

Biogas technology helps farmers to manage waste on the spot. The chemical reactions that occur during anaerobic digestion transform rich organic matter into inorganic materials suitable for the plant's uptake and inactivating pathogens.

Biogas is an organic compost, in addition to the characteristics of traditional organic fertilizers, there are many other advantages as a result of the anaerobic digestion. The nutrients present in biogas are higher than that of manure. In addition to nutritional elements such as N, P, K, biogas residue also contains many organic substances and materials needed for plants such as Humic, Cellulose, Hemicellulose, lignin acids, it has the effect of improving. Better soil than compost.

Biogas plants also generate clean energy, reduce fuel costs, improve livelihoods, help people develop livestock in a safe and sustainable way and improve the quality of life of rural people. Thereby, contributing to the effective implementation of the new rural construction program.

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