Bac Giang Province; Complete composting training for farmers

: Thursday - 06/10/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1318
According to the detailed work plan of the Bac Giang LCASP PMU, in June 2016, 10 training courses for farmers on composting were conducted in the districts in the province.

Accordingly, by 20 June 2016, the Board has completed the training and certification of composting for farmers; Mainly concentrated in the districts with great potential breeding such as Yen The, Hiep Hoa, Yen Dung, Tan Yen ...

Representatives of the Organizing Committee awarded certificates to farmers in Yen Dung - Bac Giang

Each training course was attended by 30 trainees (owners of livestock with biogas plant in the project and potential owners), held at the Cultural House of the villages with all necessary equipment for the public. Teaching and learning. Lecturers are grassroots extension workers, have experience in teaching farmers and have been trained in the field.

Instructor teaching enthusiasm

Trained farmers are quite interested in composting because of new innovations compared to ordinary composting methods, especially for bio-products used in composting Inoculant, product, supply base ...).

Lecturer on composting practice for farmers in Yen The district

In general, composting training classes have given people new techniques, which altered the concept of traditional composting; To create a nutrient-rich fertilizer, reduce pest and environmental pollution.


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