Bac Giang - Effective from biogas in Yen Dung

: Tuesday - 22/11/2016 10:20  |  Viewed: 1203
At present, the model of building biogas is increasingly selected by many livestock households in Yen Dung district (Bac Giang) as an effective solution to overcome environmental pollution, save energy, create quality. Burn and have more fertilizer for plants.

From the waste source, Diep has been active in fuel.

Determining the development of livestock raising to raise income, the family of Nguyen Van Diep and Nguyen Thi Viet, Dong Cao village, Nghia commune, Yen Dung district each year has 3-4 packs of pigs, each batch of 50- 60 children. In previous years, the waste source was a constant worry for the Diep family.

Through a field trip and expert advice, his family decided to borrow money from the bank to build biogas plants and invest in expanding the scale of animal husbandry. Since then, Diep's family environment has improved markedly. Clean house, fresh air and biogas, family use in daily life and animal husbandry, saving about 500 thousand VND per month. According to Diep, not only serve the family, this biogas is also shared with neighboring families.

It is known that in order to create favorable conditions for households to invest in construction of biogas plants, Yen Dung Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development has provided preferential loans for this sector. At present, 114 households have borrowed nearly 3 billion VND. According to Pham Tien Dinh, deputy director of Yen Dung Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, in general, borrowers have invested for right purposes and used effectively.
It can be said that the construction of biogas plants used exhaust sources of waste in livestock and living. This model contributes to solving one of the urgent issues now is to reduce pollution and improve the environment in rural areas. At the same time, to provide more fuel and fertilizer for plants and clean and safe agricultural production, thus contributing to raising people's incomes.

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