Shrimp reared cattle raising in the direction of increasing quantity and quality

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While raising pigs are overheating, some livestock such as buffaloes and cows of our country in recent years are very clumsy. Before this situation, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong has directed, in the next time, the livestock industry must have the basic solution to revive.

Beef cuts
According to the Department of Livestock breeding, the country's cattle population in recent years only fluctuated around 5.2 to 5.4 million. The domestic market is always in a state of "thirst" of beef, making the beef cattle of Vietnam fluctuate most in the region.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will drastically increase the number of buffalos and cows.

Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong commented: While raising pigs need to rest, the beef market in Vietnam is still immense. Cattle are less risky in the market, even when the market is down, there is little immediate impact. Rapid increase of beef herd in the country is the solution to compensate for the shortage of beef in water.

Director of Livestock Department, Mr. Hoang Thanh Van commented, in order to increase the domestic beef production, in the coming time, we will have to focus on some solutions. One is about Sindh, there is only about 50% of domestic cattle are Sinded, need to continue to have a fertilized revolt with good breeds. At present, there is only 1.2 million doses (plus 1.3 million doses of dairy cattle per year) in the country.

However, in the strategy to meet domestic beef demand by 2020, beef cattle population will have to increase from at least 4.5 million now to about 7 million, providing slaughter of about 3 million Per year for the market. This means that in addition to imported N, domestic production will increase from 1.2 million doses per year to about 1.5 to 1.7 million doses in the coming time.

In order to concretize this strategy, in 2016, MARD agreed to upgrade the production capacity of Moncada Frozen Food Research and Production Station (MONCADA, Central Cattle Center). Calculate, if fully capable, this center can produce enough cattle to supply for Southeast Asia with capacity of about 2 million doses per year.

In 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has agreed to invest in upgrading the world's most sophisticated frozen semi- processing machine for Moncada, which has started operation. Moncada now has about 60 good bulls, but to meet the domestic demand, about 30 additional bulls are expected to be added in 2018.

According to the Department of Livestock Production, in the next 3-4 years, Moncada will try to stabilize the number of bulls of about 100, mainly high quality beef breeds of the world, 1.5 to 1.7 million doses. This is the basis for expecting the domestic herd of cattle will jump in the coming time.

Restore buffalo herd
The situation of the buffalo over the past years is probably the darkest picture of the livestock sector. By 2016, the total number of buffalo in the whole country is only 2.5 million. Years, even some years down. Meanwhile, the demand for buffalo meat in the country and the demand for buffalo exports is increasing rapidly causing the buffalo meat to "burn".

Buffalo over the country for many years "stamping in place"

The reform of the buffalo in the water almost stomping foot in place. A number of rare units in the country have studied buffaloes such as the Center for Livestock Development in Mountainous Areas (Institute of Animal Husbandry, based in Thai Nguyen), the Songbe Buffalo and Field Research Center (Binh Duong) Only a few Murrah breeds of quality have fallen down.

In the face of this sad situation, Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong asked the Department of Animal Husbandry to chair and coordinate with the Institute of Animal Husbandry in all ways to rebuild the buffalo, with drastic solutions, specifically to increase the total population. The base promotes the attraction of socialization and private investment, the least state budget investment.

According to the Minister, at present, some companies in mountainous areas like Hoa Binh have good facilities to produce buffalo and very enthusiastic with buffalo breeding. The Minister directs the Department of Animal Husbandry to coordinate and assist the enterprise in unplanned farming and pasture planning. For researching and improving buffalo herd quality, the Minister said that there will be solutions to upgrade and invest in two buffalo research centers in Thai Nguyen and Binh Duong. Accordingly, to continue reviewing and searching for the best breeds in the area, importing water to increase the number of buffaloes for high quality buffalo breeding in the country. Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said that the earliest time, will directly visit and have specific solutions for two research units on the buffalo. For Moncada Station, the Minister agreed to continue to strengthen and at the same time mobilize and encourage prestigious enterprises to invest in more frozen Frozen Mills to create a competitive driving force with the establishment. Increased source of high quality buffalo, because the country does not have any businesses investing in this field.

It has been reported that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has agreed to provide 30 high quality bulls (with a weight of 1.2 tons / head) from Thailand to the NK Mountainous Livestock Development Center from Thailand. Rehabilitation of the buffalo herds in the northern mountainous midland provinces (expected to return to the country in February 2017).

Another bright signal is that in 2016, the amount of buffaloes consumed in the market has risen to about 14 thousand doses, up 5 times the annual average. This shows that the market demand for buffalo meat is very wide, as well as livestock farmers are very focused on raising buffalo.

Importing high-quality male buffalo to direct for domestic buffalo will be a solution that can improve and increase buffalo herd in water. As the country now has more than 1 million female buffaloes, the annual demand for artificial insemination is about 300 thousand doses. While each year we only have about 20 thousand doses, artificial insemination will be very slow, "said Hoang Thanh Van, director of the Department of Livestock Production.

For beef herds, in the coming time, it is necessary to concentrate on boosting herds of cattle in water with solutions to freshen blood and increase the import of good breeding cows, creating the most favorable conditions for enterprises to import sows. , On the basis of a wide selection of good sows in many countries in the region.

In addition, it will focus on restoring the Sindhi movement in the country, because the movement was strong in the past but many years have eluded. Raising the Sindhi movement is the optimal solution to increase the quality of herd in the water.

In order to create long-term resources for rebuilding the herd of buffaloes, the ministry will assign units to focus on training qualified staff and experts to meet the needs of research and avoid the scarcity of specialists. Have a degree in this field as time passes.

Beside improving cow herd, there will be topics to preserve and maintain indigenous cattle breeds such as H'mong and Golden Cows ... to strengthen Vietnam's specialty livestock.

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