Quang Tri # x3; Breeding biological safety chicken

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In the face of the abuse of industrial feeds in poultry production, some localities have developed a model of chicken farming under the management method of farming which has brought about economic efficiency. High and environmental protection.

Funded by the Koichi Project of Korea and World Vision, 60 farmers in Trieu Thuong, Trieu Son, Trieu Tai and Trieu Trung communes of Trieu Phong district (Quang Tri) built a farming model. Biological safety chicken. District Agricultural Extension Station is a unit to guide people to implement breeding techniques. Accordingly, the technical measures that people are guided to apply is the natural farming method, ie managed animal husbandry, full veterinary care but no use of industrial feed. Over the past two years, the implementation has brought about good results, helping people develop sustainable livestock development. In essence, this is a traditional breeding method that has been implemented by farmers for many generations but is applied scientifically and has intensive investment. The food for the chicken is pure food such as rice, bran ... or complete food mixed with by-products in cultivation or processing agricultural products such as bran, peanut pulp, cassava pulp, Dried fish ... In natural foods, households are instructed to mix vitamins and minerals to increase the resistance of birds. The advantage of these mixed foods is that it is completely in nature, no growth stimulant, no antibiotics, preservatives ... so can be called clean food. Therefore chickens reared in this way for safe products, selling price.
Nguyen Thi Chau's family in An Tru, Trieu Tai and Trieu Phong villages in Quang Tri Province, after being sponsored by the Korean Koichi Project and World Vision Foundation, changed their diets regularly for chickens from public food. Karma to natural food. Although she kept the manual feeds, she used industrial feeds and did not take any veterinary measures, so her chicken was not of good quality, so her chicken sold less to the buyer. From the day of switching to chickens to eat natural foods, but managed livestock, veterinary care, chickens are growing fast, healthy, bring many practical benefits. After 3 months of breeding, her chickens 100 children have achieved 0.9 kg weight / child. Mrs Chien said: "Cultivation of chickens by natural farming methods brings many practical benefits such as the source of raw materials for chicken to be taken in place, can be used in agricultural production and processing of agricultural products. Price is cheaper than commercial feed. Moreover, thanks to carefully guided measures of care, full vaccination, veterinary hygiene, clean and cool housing should not be disease, grow faster.
Each pilot farm is supported by 100 chicken breeds, building materials, breeding facilities, raw materials for microbiological preparations, vaccines for disease prevention. Households commit to comply fully and strictly with the technical requirements under the guidance of the District Agricultural Extension Station, such as clean and cool stables in summer, warmth in winter; Livestock equipment is hygienic daily. The chicken cage is lined with biocompatible pads that do not pollute the environment, reduce the cleaning of cages but still ensure hygiene and provide the source of organic fertilizer for cultivation. The cage is made for mature chickens. Ổ The chicks and laying hens are separated. People are also taught how to chick chicks, how to care for chickens by age, and full vaccination. Chickens are naturally released in a fenced area. Ms. Nguyen Thi Loc, Head of Extension Stations in Trieu Phong District, said that the extension station has provided farmers with technical measures to raise chickens according to the natural farming method. Technically, the results should be good. From this result will be multiplied widely for mass production to provide the market of chicken products to ensure safety.
Cultivation of chickens by natural methods of care is more elaborate, but the benefits are greater than that of chickens fed to industrial feeds such as less capital, fast growing chickens, firmer chicken meat, sold on the market. Consumers favor. Therefore, chicken farmers quickly recovered, after only 4 months to sell chicken meat and after 6 months is the first layer. Accounting costs, broiler chickens by natural method after 4 months of profit per child about 35-40 thousand; After 6 months of laying eggs for eggs, 100 to 65 - 70 fruits per day, except for interest expenses of 120-150 thousand VND per day.
Natural chicken production, although not a new method of husbandry, has helped farmers cultivate sustainably, produce clean meat products, profit for livestock farmers, and protect human health. Consumers.

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