Mr. Hien got rich from raising buffalos

: Wednesday - 18/01/2017 10:20  |  Viewed: 3520
In recent years, in Chien Thang commune, Bac Son district, Lang Son province has developed a model of raising buffalos and cats. Many households have become better off with income of hundreds of millions VND per year. Among them, his family Phan Van Hien, Hong Phong 4 village famous in the commune for many years.

Following the officer of Chien Thang Commune, we visited Mr. Hien's family at the same time he was taking care of the buffalo, watching buffalo in the fattening stage in preparation for sale. The stables are built of simple wood but are quite clean, airy and have biogas digesters for waste treatment. Currently his family is raising six buffaloes. Through the exchange, he said: "My family used to raise 1 to 2 grazers in free time, both for agricultural production and income. But when it comes to television, it reflects the efficiency of the local barn raising model that the family has followed and has started raising buffalos since 2012. "

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Mr. Hien shared, "In 5 years, the family has maintained 6 buffaloes. Thanks to investment with available funds accumulated by the family before, so we farm buffalo fattening 10 months to sell out instead of raising from 3 to 4 months as other households, buffalo when selling usually weighs from 6 to 9 quintals / Baby and very well priced. Except for expenses, the average income per child is from 15 to 20 million. Nearly to the export date are traders from all over the provinces to find out to order. "


According to Mr. Hien, buffaloes and buffaloes are used to buy large breeds (35-40 million VND / head) but less risky, buffaloes are less sick. Vaccines, buffaloes sell much higher interest than many other pets, because just for the buffalo to eat elephant grass is very well developed .... In particular, with the current captive, he alone can care for the buffalo but still have other working time.
To provide food for buffaloes, Mr. Hien's family planted 10 sao of elephant grass and invested a lawn mower to feed the buffalo. Mr. Hien also said that in previous years, due to not expanding the area of ​​grass planting, the family did not dare invest in increasing the total number of buffaloes. Recently, the family has bought the appropriate area of ​​elephant grass so decided to invest to expand and upgrade the cage to raise the buffalo from 6 to 20 children in 2017.
With stable income from buffaloes and to make effective use of animal waste, Hien's family has invested in planting 300 more tangerines, so that the garden of the family tangerine grows very well, the tangerine in 2016 has started. For harvest. Although only about 100 trees keep the harvest, but the family has earned nearly 50 million. The remaining trees of his family prune the fruit for the growth of the plant, waiting for the next crop for higher quality fruit.

Mr. Hoang Quang Phiet, Vice Chairman of Chien Thang Commune People's Committee, said that Mr. Hien's family is a typical household economic development. , Fattening cattle belonging to the Nam Hong Agricultural Cooperative established by the commune, supporting farmers in the area more capital, technical care and special measures to prevent diseases, so that farmers Can get rich on the land itself.

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